Good-Night Owl flannel board


This flannel board is based on the book Good-Night Owl by Pat Hutchins.  This is a wonderful classic story and lends itself very well to a group story time.  It is very interactive with the children able to help make all the animal noises that are keeping owl awake.  And the repeating line “And owl tried to sleep” is something that the children can  say each time.

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 2.11.53 PM

I used the book close to as it is written.  The only thing I changed was I did one bird for each species instead of the pairs the author has for some.   I began with the intention of just making a simple quick flannel board with a simple bird shape but then found the website Downeast Thunder Farm with her amazing patterns to make felt ornaments.  The amount of bird species she has on here is wonderful and I was able to find most of the birds I needed.  For the ones she didn’t have I substituted a different bird that was similar.  I love the way the birds look so realistic.  Here is my before and after of my original owl and then the one I made from the Downeast Thunder Farm pattern.  What a difference!!!


And here is closeup of all the animals that made a racket in the tree from the squirrel cracking nuts to the cuckoo calling.   The children had such a fun time making all the fun noises and helping to repeat the line “And owl tried to sleep”.

img_4384.jpgThis was such a fun flannel board to make and use.  I am looking forward to sharing it many more times with classes.  For more activities I did with the Owl story time click HERE.