Owl Storytime

No better time than November to have the story time theme be Owls.  Such a fun one with lots of options to choose from.

Mystery Bag Opening (for the kindergarten group)

Clue #1 – It can fly.

Clue #2 – Starts with the letter O (discuss sounds O makes)

Clue #3 – It sleeps at night.

Book –  Owl Babies

There are so many great owl book choices but I can never resist this one.  The children love to chime in each time Bill cries out “I want my mommy”.

Movement #1 – Scarves

I gave each child 2 scarves this time, which is a treat in itself since they usually only get one.  We practiced using the scarves as wings to fly like an owl.

Then we did this fun song with the scarf wings.

Just Like an Owl
(to the tune of “London Bridge”)

Flap your wings and fly around,
fly around, fly around.
Flap your wings and fly around.
Just like an owl.

Other Verses:
Open your eyes big and wide…
Land on the ground and hop along
Turn your head and say “hoo hoo!”

song credit to Literary Hoots

Flannel Board – Good-night Owl

Children always enjoy this story immensely.  It is so interactive with them being able to help with all the animal sounds along with the line “And owl tried to sleep.”


click HERE to see more details about making this flannel story

Fingerplay – Two Little Owls

I just revised “Two Little Blackbirds” to fit with our owl theme

2 little owls sitting on a hill

1 named Jack and 1 named Jill (Hold up 1 finger on each hand for each owl)

Fly away Jack (Fly one hand behind back)

Fly away Jill (Fly other hand behind back)

Come back Jack (Fly back hand)

Come back Jill (Fly back other hand)

Craft – Envelope Owl Puppet

Found this cute project at I Heart Crafty Things

Super easy and fun.  I decided to focus on cutting skills for my kindergarten class on this project.  I sealed the envelope ahead of time and drew a line near the bottom for them to cut the hand opening.

Then they cut the circle in half for the 2 wings.

Then they glued on the wings, beak and wiggle eyes.

They used markers to add fun decorations.  We discussed wiggle lines, dots, zig zags as some possible design elements.

The puppet feature of this one was certainly popular with the kids and added a unique element to the project.